Cabinet systems and walls for all your clothes

Have you finally saved enough to buy a small but your apartment? But where to go with all things? We are happy to offer you a helping hand in arranging. Meet the cool gadget for small spaces. They are built to measure. They will fit everywhere, even to the attic apartment, to the land and to the garage.

In the manufacture of wardrobe we work with materials such as laminated which is the most common and most popular filling of sliding doors. The use of mirrors in the sliding door of the wardrobe is also a very popular solution. From natural materials we offer rattan or bamboo. At the moment, there is a non-florer hit photo foil.

The production of individual parts of the wardrobe is carried out in our own joiner with the use of modern precision machines, with which only our teaching joiners with many years of experience work. If the price is the decisive criterion, we are willing to offer you a price of up to 5% lower than the price of any other offer of the same quality. If you have a limited budget, we will advise you on how not to exceed it.