Everyone has an opinion

Many of them take the wheel as a substitute for an artificial drive and condemk it, others do not know what to think about it, and others know, use, and love it. What is the difference between these groups? Great! Not only in the opinion itself, but also in the features of their personalities. Don't believe? Let me take it more apart.
Personality types
Those who condemk him often tend to be enviable people who regret that some can afford to pay for their salary as well as a wheel with a drive. Or these are people who love everything original and genuine, and therefore hates all sorts and subspecies of all purely original things, however great they are. Those who do not know, have not yet created their own opinion on it, and do not take time for it, because it does not matter to them. The last group, however, speaks for everything. They are people who know the matter and are fully comfortable with them and have made their own views from this experience.