Fuel is paid by the customer himself

With the car rental company Prague, renting a car is very easy, just read the website. Nevertheless, it is advisable to clarify certain facts. When travelling abroad, the customer is obliged to inform the rental about the trip in advance and can only be travelled with the approval of the rental. In the price of the car is a highway sign, insurance against the occurrence of damage, the cost of travel (gasoline), however, the customer playing alone.
Required documents and returnable case
The required documents include: ID card and, of course, passport, if the car is rented by the company, then a copy of the extract from the Commercial register or trade certificate is required. The customer must also lodge a refundable deposit for car rental in the case of Škoda Fabia before renting the car, the amount is 5 000 CZK, in the case of Skoda Octavia is the amount of 7 000 CZK.