Do you own a car service or a small car repair shop? Even such a workplace can be nicely and neatly adjusted, order is a necessity. In tire service or car repair it is possible that you get dirty when you work, but if you have an establishment equipped with shelves from our e-shop, once and for all you are not having problems finding spare parts.
Of course, such things as shelves can be purchased in a wide range of individual species. They are distinguished by material, purpose, size, location and so on. One of the specific species, which, however, is absolutely necessary for many of us, is a rack for tyres.

Tyre storage
In addition to the other equipment of workshops, starting with sanitary facilities and ending with outdoor mats, we also offer special racks for tyres. You will enjoy them in a professional environment such as car repair and tire service, but if you have enough space, they are also practical in private, where you may also be solving how to store your tyres.