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How to Buy Safely from an Online Pharmacy

When you shop for goods online, then you can save a lot of time and money. You get the same benefit if you buy your medicines from an online pharmacy. And, like all other businesses, you will find online pharmacies which are not legitimate and might not be selling safe drugs. The tips below will help you find a legitimate online pharmacy.

While you want to save on your purchases online, you need to be careful with online pharmacies that are selling their drugs at way too low prices. If you normally buy a certain amount for your medicine and you get it for a super-bargain price, then it could mean that these medicines are being sold outside the US and are not approved by the FDA.

You must check if the pharmacy is a verified internet pharmacy practice site or VIPPS. You can check the pharmacy’s website for this information. If you find the VIPPS seal on their website, then this means that the website was screened and approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy or the NABP.

A legitimate pharmacy is licensed and based in the US. The pharmacy should be licensed or registered by the state where it is based. If you go to the NABP website, you will find out about the pharmacy’s registration. Look for licensing information in the pharmacy’s website. It can be a warning sign if they don’t list it.

Make sure that the online pharmacy has a pharmacist whom you can talk to by phone, email, or online. If you have any questions, call the pharmacist using their 1-800 number.

The pharmacy should require a doctor’s prescription. If the pharmacy does not ask for a prescription, they might sell you’re the wrong medicine.

Check out their privacy policies. You should check out privacy and security settings on their website. You could easily find this in their website and it is easy to understand. Unless you sign an agreement saying it’s ok, your personal information should not be sold by the site.

Don’t share personal information to the online pharmacy. Your social security number, credit card information, and personal medical history should not be shared unless you know the pharmacy is safe.

Criminals can easily create fake sites and copy fake logos, so just having a logo is not enough. There are online pharmacies that look very professional but they are actually selling fake and substandard medicines.

Following the tips above can help you find a legitimate online pharmacy where you can safely buy all of our medical needs. If you are able to find a reputable online pharmacy then you can benefit from the convenience that it can give you.

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