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What is Owner Financing and Seller Financing

Being able to ask a seller who will help you to buy their home is a thing which listing agents and homeowners don’t consider. But for sellers who have homes that are not selling or for the buyers who have problems on traditional lenders, owner financing is the best option.

Seller financing or owner financing means that the current homeowner can either put all the money needed in buying the property or just put up a part. In other words, rather than having to get a mortgage with a commercial lender, the buyer could simply borrow the money from the seller. A buyer may finance the purchase completely in this way or they could combine the loan from the seller together with the bank.

On the financed portion, both the seller and the buyer has to end up with an agreement about the interest rates, monthly payments and on the schedule of the payments and other details that are important with the loan. The buyer must also give the seller a promissory note which says that they agreed on the terms. The note will be entered in the public records that will then serve as security for the two parties.

Seller’s Benefit

It does not matter whether the property comes with an existing mortgage, though the lender of the homeowner may possibly accelerate more the loan during the sale because of an alienation clause. The seller will however be able to retain the title of the home until the buyer is able to repay fully the loan.

Buyer’s Benefits

Buyers that opts on a seller financing are able to have several advantages. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Lesser or No Qualifying

Interpretation of the qualification of the buyer is usually less stringent and this is likewise more flexible than those which have been imposed by conventional lenders.

Financing is being Tailored

Compared to conventional loans, buyers and sellers will be able to choose different loan repayment options like a less-than-interest, interest-only, fixed-rate amortization or balloon payments when the state is going to allow it. Interest rates may adjust periodically as well or this could remain with one rate with the term of the loan.

Closing Costs are Lower

If there’s no institutional lender, there are actually no loan or discount points as well as no origination fees, administration fees, processing fees or other miscellaneous fees of which the lenders charge that automatically saves money for the closing cost of the buyer.

Fast Possession

Due to the fact that sellers and buyers will not be waiting for the lender in processing for the financing, the buyers can close much faster and in getting possession of the property sooner than conventional loan transactions.

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