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The Pros and Cons of Having Double Glazed Windows

It is good to check the availability of double glazed windows when you are renovating the windows of your property to improve the aesthetics. Obviously, it is more costly to install double glazed windows rather than the single-paned equivalent. But, the expensive initial cost of double glazed windows installation will eventually result in future savings particularly in energy cost.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of double glazed windows installation.

Savings in Energy Costs – One main advantage of installing double glazed windows is that these creates an airtight construction thus, heat is prevented from going out and coming inside. Because of this airtight construction, the energy required to heat up a place is a lot lesser thus, resulting to extremely lower gas and electricity bills. To increase the window’s insulation, a third or fourth layer of windows can also be added. For each pane of glass added, the ability of the window to prevent losing heat is improved.

Sound Insulation – Another advantage of double glazed windows is they help improve the sound insulation by making a concrete barrier between your property’s inside and the outside; this is really helpful especially if you live in a noisy area or if your property is located on the main road. Aside from that, safety is also another benefit of this type of window because it is harder to break a double glazed window than a single-paned window.

Prevents Condensation Build-up – Condensation occurs if humid air comes into contact with a surface with much lower temperature, which results in formation of droplets of water. This makes a room much cooler than it needs to be and so to solve this cooler dilemma, it is usually necessary to turn the heating up. But, double glazed windows prevent condensation build up which means there is no such problem for you to handle if you install one.

Limits Damage to Furniture – This type of window can effectively reduce the amount of sunlight that can enter your property which means that the effect of sun damage on your furniture, carpet, wall painting, and other items in your home, can also be reduced.

The disadvantages are as follows:

Non-repairable – If the windows are not installed properly, resulting to failure of being airtight, then air condensation or moisture will begin to build-up, which is hard or impossible to clear and will also turn the parts of the window opaque. If the windows are installed already, it is impossible to take them out for repair. In severe circumstances, it might be required to have the windows changed.

Traps Heat – During winter, heat is trapped inside the property which is an advantage however, heat trapped during summer cannot be considered as beneficial. It turns out to be uncomfortable and stuffy once heat is trapped during the warmer months of the year. A remedy for this dilemma is to use a window tint, but this will definitely result to additional costs.

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