They are safer

But of course it must have the right crank and fittings to function properly. We offer you high quality fittings from the company Gretsch-Unitas GmbH. This German company is proven, very good quality and we use their UNI-Jet product range.
Your selected handle should be tuned to the window color you selected, but it should also, of course, be tuned to the interior of which it is part. We offer you many colors of window and door crank. Just choose whether you prefer a bright or dark color. For your plastic windows you can choose the colors of the crank-white, brown, silver, champagne, gold, bronze, etc.
Handles and Fittings
In our clicks you have a unique blocking mechanism called Secustik System. Thanks to him, the potential thieves will be free to wait outside the windows as this system prevents them from sliding away from the outside. Plastic windows from US equals safety, warmth and tranquility for you.