What kind of cat to buy?

I personally like the British cats that are popular in the Czech Republic, at least according to what I read. You need to take care of such a cat and it's not like a hamster. The cat will need to visit the veterinarian. If you are from Prague, you go to the veteran's Prague, for example. I think he's going out there for vaccinations, but I don't know exactly what to do. This must be determined by the prospective owner.
What about the domestic cat?
I like such cats, for example, but I think they are rather outside. Grandma has cats and I've never seen them in the house, just in the boiler room, where they walk through a window that throws wood. Sometimes we cross the fence because we're neighbors and it's a nice look at them as they hunt. Unfortunately, I don't know much lately, they always run away, and I could fondle them when they were at Grandma's in the yard.